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System Selection

IMB Consulting can help you navigate the minefield of problems during a system & vendor selection process to ensure an analytical, evidence-based, objective, quantitative and emotion-less decision.

There are many reasons why system & vendor selections fail, however from our experience the most common of all is talking to vendors (i.e. starting the Market Survey) before establishing the requirements.

It is easy to understand why this happens; enthusiasm and a desire to “find out what’s out there”, “we’re not sure what we really need” and “the vendors have got the experience so let’s just find out from them”.

It is equally easy to recognise the classic pitfall here; the vendor wants you to buy their product, they know the strengths and weaknesses of their product versus the marketplace so they will stress the importance of their Unique Selling Point (USP). Once you’re hooked, this USP feature makes its way into your requirements and lo and behold the other vendors don’t meet the requirement so you buy their product.

Below is an overview of our System Selection methodology:-
System Selection Methodology

One of the key features of IMB Consulting’s methodology is to establish a Chinese Wall between the group undertaking the Market Survey and the group performing the Requirements Capture. This simple technique ensures that the requirements and evaluation criteria are unaffected by USP’s and focuses the evaluation on Functions, not Features.

Customer feedback received: “this is a unique and innovative approach which we have not seen before”.


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