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Project HealthCheckTM FAQs

Q. Why should we not be able to resolve this internally?
Admitting failure is always sensitive and internal politics will influence decisions. IMB is straight talking and will “tell it like it is”, so you can be confident you will get a truly independent, honest and unbiased report with advice on resolution.

Q. Why would a methodology help?
Structured methods enable repeated success (i.e. learning from success & failures) rather than risking failure (i.e. doing it differently every time).

At IMB Consulting, we have learned through real-life experience and have developed this structured method for analysis and recovery. So if you have a project that is at risk, wouldn’t you prefer to use a consultancy with a structured method rather than no method?

Q. What makes this methodology different from other methodologies (e.g. PRINCE2)?
Structured methodologies for Project Management (e.g. PRINCE 2) and Project Delivery (e.g. RUP) are supposed to prevent failure however we all know that projects fail. Sometimes the problems are caused by the methodology itself or by the way it is being implemented (e.g. too much documentation, too little action).

The Project Recovery Methodology drills down into the root causes analysing factors inside and outside the project so IMB will enable seeing the wood from the trees.

Q. Are you working to CMM (Capability Maturity Model for Software)?
This methodology can be integrated within the CMM model, please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Q. Do you have other Case Studies more relevant to my circumstances?
Yes, we have a range of case studies covering different situations. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Do you have any references?
Yes, these are available on request. Please contact us for more details.

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